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Organifi - Shilajit Gummies - Supports Natural Energy and Strength - Vanilla Cinnamon, 30 Servings

Organifi - Shilajit Gummies - Supports Natural Energy and Strength - Vanilla Cinnamon, 30 Servings

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Brand: Organifi


  • Boosts All Your Body's Systems: Pure Himalayan Shilajit is a superfood substance that contains trace minerals, antioxidants, organic acids, and nutrient-transporting compounds that help boost vitality and strength. Recharge your cells and feel your whole body react with revitalized vigor and strength!
  • Energizes Your Day: Organifi's natural Shilajit supports mitochondrial health and energy production, and its 40-plus trace minerals fuel your body. Rich in fulvic acid, humic acid, vitamins, enzymes, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and metabolites, Shilajit Gummies can also increase your cellular energy, decrease fatigue, and more.
  • Authentic Himalayan Shilajit Ingredients: Each gummy is made with ultra-purified Primavie Shilajit, an authentic extract known for potency and efficacy. While this substance can form in many places, Organifi gets it from the Himalayas because that's where it forms into its most perfect superfood state.
  • Organic Shilajit Directions and Taste: Take 2 gummies daily or as directed by your healthcare provider to experience Shilajit Gummies' mitochondrial, energy, and other health benefits. Organifi improved the taste of resin in each gummy so they’re easier to incorporate in your daily routine. Further improve the flavor by keeping them in your refrigerator or in cold storage.
  • Contributing to the World We Live In: Organifi’s top-quality blends are shared across the globe. We started with a simple idea to make nutrition easy and delicious for everyone. This turned into a mission to unite the world through community, wholeness, and habit transformation.

Details: Organifi's Shilajit Gummies offer a delicious way to experience the power of Shilajit. Our gummies are organic, helping to ensure you get a pure form of Shilajit. Organifi understands the importance of purity, and that's why we offer Shilajit from the Himalayas, where the source is rich in minerals. Organifi's Shilajit Gummies help you achieve holistic well-being. Join the growing community of Shilajit enthusiasts and experience the magic of this ancient Himalayan treasure in a modern and accessible way. Elevate your health with the power of Shilajit!

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